Roll with Advantage

Season 1 - Ep. 30: The Creepy Town By The Forest

Episode Summary

Replenished and restocked, what will our adventurers do now? Where will they go on their way to see the Masters of the Wilds? The time has come, it is time for you to take to the internet and let all the people out there know what you think. Leave us a review and/or hit us up on Twitter @dmstable using #RollWithAdvantage! Leaving reviews helps us get found by more people on accident, which is helpful. You can influence that a little more by actually telling a real human about us and then getting them into the podcast. Thanks for being awesome and liking the podcast!

Episode Notes

Welcome to Roll with Advantage! We are a group of normal people playing the best game on Earth. We hope you enjoy!

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“Alchemist Tower”, “Take a Chance”, “Crossing the Chasm”, “Earth Prelude”
Kevin MacLeod (
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Swamp - Swamplands in Day - Filippo Buresta, Large City - City of Trade in Day - Olivier Girardot, Forest - The Emerald Glades in Day - Pablo Betancourt, Forest - Under the Canopy at Nighttime - Richard Daskas, Forest - The Emerald Glades at Night - Pablo Betancourt
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